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Well, where's the big ass update?

It's not yet done. Gah. Yay for procrastination.

Promise, I'll post it before next Sunday. :D


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Okay, so tomorrow's gonna be the day that we receive our course cards.

Well, I want to know how many subjects I failed this term. >_>

Wish my grades luck.

Oh BTW..

Tinolang Itlog update.

Eto nga po pa si Jio,
Manager ng grupo. Kapag siya ang namahala sa banda niyo, sigurado sisikat kayo. ;)

Tinolang Itlog

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Hi, kami po ang Tinolang Itlog. Bagong banda lang po kami. Oo nga po pala, bago ang lahat, nais ko lamang ipakilala ang mga miyembro ng banda:

Ako nga po pala si Jeff,
Bahista nila. Magaling mambola. Laging umaarangkada.

Siya naman po si Jzan,
Oras na tumugtog sa gitara, lahat mapapakanta. At kapag humataw, yung ibang gitarista umaayaw.

Eto naman po si Paula,
Ang aming bokalista. Hindi nagpapaawat sa pagkanta. Oras na bumirit yan, lahat nagsisipagkantahan.

At ito, si Mesh,
Ang isa pang gitarista. Kapag nagsisimula na ang kanyang melodya, hindi na siya nagpapaawat pa.

At siyempre, hindi magpapahuli si Jemma,
Siya ang aming tambulero. Oras na siya ay pumalo, ang buong mundo ay guguho.

Muli, kami po ang Tinolang Itlog.

It's time.

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I believe it's time for me once again to use this blog. I may update directly here, or maybe via Multiply, but one thing's for sure: There's a big possibility I might be blogging again.

But not now though. :D

Exams are tomorrow, so I'll be somewhat busy, but I'll do my best on updating this at least once every two days.

I'm on a nightrain..

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Right, so it's been a long time since I posted here. I guess, it's about time I tell you my story again. :D

So you see, I've been busy with school, and I think I screwed up my studies. >_>

Let's elaborate it per subject:

DASALGO - Holy shizzle. This subject.. I think I'm going to retake it, srsly. We, my groupmate and I, failed to submit our machine project.. Which is basically 20% of our total grade saying goodbye. NOW I NEED A MIRACLE! I NEED AN 87 IN THE FINALS TO PASS THIS PIECE OF SHI.. Bah. No use. Hello again, trees. >_>

CCSCAL1 - Here, here's another one. I don't know why, but maybe it's just because our prof's teaching style's so old school, I learn close to nothing from discussions. I need around 70-80 on the finals in order to pass this.. Now that's more possible than THE other subject where in the finals would be the deciding factor. >_>

OBJECTP - Ah, the third subject. But I'm not giving this one up just yet.. MP's deadline is not until April 13, so me and Eirene(my MP groupmate) should do our best on slaying the damn demons of procrastination in order to not repeat this subject anymore. >_>

FORMDEV - I believe I have passed this one already(yabaaaaang). Fun subject, to be honest. Thanks to Kuya Eddie and Paolo, my group facis. :D

NSTP-C2 - Here's another no-brainer. I'd die if I got a 0.0 on this one.

ENGLCOM - This is a subject I am not sure if I can pass. My essays are all full of bullcrap, but to be honest, I was never good with essays so.. GOD HELP ME.

TREDONE - The only thing we need to submit would be our finals, which is an essay-ish sort of thing. OHNOEZ. Meh, I can do this. :D

FWTEAMS - No-brainer again.

So yeah, HELP ME GOD.

Memories. (*'-')

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This tent holds a lot of memories, until Satan Morroc "destroyed" Morroc, including the tent.

This house holds a lot of memories, until classes resumed.

Now I begin to wonder, when will new memories be made again?


LOL. I just want to be emo, that's all. Boredom's slitting my wrist.


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3 letters which are so powerful, no ENGLCOM student wants to see these 3 letters on their process papers/essays.

Well, guess what?

Yeah, I swear it's the 2nd time I've been slapped with an FTR.

It hurts. ;_;

I was never a fan of essay writing since God-knows-when, and then I got stuck with a subject I need to take which requires you to write a godly essay. And you have to write 4 IIRC, which is like.. Bah. :P

Well, at least I'm having fun in class. Arguably one of the best class I have this term. :>